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This is a warning to all of you ladies who are waiting for your guy to go back to “how it was.” Chances are it really never was; it’s just your wish that that were so.

The sad irony is that by sticking around you have lost his respect.Paganini was perhaps the most celebrated violinist of the 19th century. This work is the basis for many derivative masterpieces by other composers, including the wonderful “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini” by Rachmaninoff.His most famous composition has to be his Caprice No. The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was formed during WWII in order to carry out espionage behind enemy lines. Whether you’re 20 or 50, you probably have had a pinger in your life. Here’s how this goes: You meet him and spend a few terrific nights or weeks with him. You remember those great times with him, and you think of the potential… You jump to meet him at the last moment when he tells you he wants to see you. Interpretation: a signal sent to see if the other object is receiving and test how long it takes to respond to a request for connection. Then, when they are ready, they send their request. Sometimes it’s simply the ego boost of hearing your desperation in wanting to see him again. Well, sister, there’s a good chance you’re being “Pinged” and I’m going to tell you why he’s doing it, and what to do about it. After all, he’s going out of his way to stay in touch. He appears to be making a huge effort to fit you into his life; but somehow he just can’t seem to do it on any regular basis. You hope each week is the week he frees up to take you out Saturday night. Pingers get in touch just enough to make you feel wanted and set you up to receive.

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It’s frustrating, confusing and maddening, isn’t it? Every so often you get a text or email that goes something like: You figure he’s busy, but still interested. Your man man keeps disappearing, but then gets in touch.

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